Personalized Behavior Change System™

Emotional Health Intervention PROGRAm™

  • Developed by Licensed Psychologists
  • Makes Improving Emotional Health Simple, Accessible in Real-Time and Discrete
  • Involves an Empirically-Supported Emotional Health Therapies Program
  • Uses a Data-Driven Process to Select Therapies that are Incorporated into Health Behavior Plan
  • Delivered by Advisors who specialize in Emotional Health

Emotional Health Intervention Program™ Units

  • Introduction & Identifying Emotions
  • Understanding the ABC’s of Emotions
  • Avoidance Behaviors and Emotions
  • Acceptance of Emotions
  • Mindfulness (2 units)
  • Assertive Communication
  • Identifying & Expressing Values
  • Positive Psychology (Optimism & Resilience)
  • Goal Setting & Taking Action

Data-guided advisors

A Highly-Trained Human is Essential to the AlbumHealth Solution:

  • Rapport
  • Empathy
  • Trust
  • Clinical judgment
  • Specialized Training/Focus on Emotional Health
  • Have Expertise in Behavior Change, EASE Behavior Change Scoring and strategy, and Emotional Health
  • Use an Evidence-Based Approach in Every Decision
  • Focused on Developing and Maintaining Optimal Health Behavior Plans and Engagement Strategies
  • Have a Passion for Health and are Highly Satisfied Advising

*Engagement, Adherence, Satisfaction and Effectiveness

Smart Behavior

Change Technology

  • Converts Treatment Guidelines, Point Solutions, and Prevention Programs to Actionable Behaviors
  • Includes Cloud-Based HIPPA-Compliant Data Warehouse and EASE-scoring
  • Uses Machine learning to Assist Evidence-Based Advising and Decision-Making
  • Comprehensively Aggregates Health Information from:
    • Wearables and Mobile Devices
    • Claims
    • Participant and Advisor-Generated Data
    • Biometrics
  • Provides Simple and Engaging Mobile/Web Participant Interfaces for Daily Engagement and Adherence
  • Delivers Important and Actionable Insights to Participants
  • Includes HIPAA-Compliant Text Communication Hub
  • Includes a Proprietary Behavior Change Scoring System
  • Enables Simple Incentive Integration and Implementation